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Our goal

Generate leads and prospect them on your company's behalf to bring you more qualified demos and sign new clients.

Essential for your sales team and your company's growth.

Our offer

Our client work with our lead generation and outreach agency to outsource every stage of their B2B sales development: cold outreach strategy, lead generation and database creation, prospecting, lead qualification, and appointment setting.

Close more, stress less
Outsource your business development to increase the size of your pipeline and close more deals. At the same time, take out the worry of finding new prospects.
Do what you love

You present the added value of your product or service better than anyone else. By delegating your lead generation, you can focus on where your passion make a true difference.

Become even better
Take the time to prepare your meetings, your demos and the negotiation phase in order to improve your conversion rates while decreasing your sales cycle duration.
Forecast better your costs
Budgetize more easily your investments related to business development and become more accurate while forecasting.
Increase your presence in your key sectors

We unlock the untapped potential of your favorite sectors by connecting you with new opportunities.

Explore new territories
The world is at your fingertips to target new strategic horizons.
Test before scaling up

Validate your new offers during pre-launch meetings with potential new customers.

Invite your prospects to your events
Inform your future customers of your presence at showrooms, trade fairs, congresses, etc.

Want to find out more about our B2B Sales Development Agency's methods?

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6-step process

Definition of your target

Together, let's define the profile of the ideal prospect: industry, geographical location, company size, job title, etc.

Study of your company's profile

Together, let's establish what your company stands for: value proposition, success stories, key arguments, etc.

Implementation of the approach

devlo conceptualises your commercial prospecting campaign according to your expectations and in order to arouse the interest of targeted prospects.

Research and identification of prospects

devlo searches for prospects, identify their contact information and record them in a database.

Launch of prospecting and qualification

devlo starts the conversation with the targeted prospects, identifies their budget, authority level, needs, etc. 

Appointment scheduling

devlo schedule your meetings with qualified prospects directly in your calendar.

years of experience

appointments successfully booked

activated prospects

prospects contacted

Some of the companies that our clients met with success

I believe devlo is a dream partner organisation for start-ups looking to validate product-market fit and get as many qualified meetings as possible with very little time and resources. In particular, the professionalism of its founder Charles has made the whole process from lead gen to structuring a campaign and getting meetings done, a very pleasant and effective collaboration.

To give some perspective, our first campaign with devlo: 81% open rate, 54% reply rate and 16% of organisations interested in meeting with Saporo. This is quite effective, especially in an industry as complex as cyber security.

Olivier Eyries – CEO – Saporo

Installing beehives on the roof of your company does not come spontaneously to mind!

That's when devlo came to the rescue! devlo's knowledge and experience in sales development is what we needed to move forward quickly and meet qualified prospects.
At the end of our first campaign, out of 270 leads, we obtained a response rate of 39% and 13% of them were interested in knowing more about our nonprofit organization.

It's now up to us to transform the trial and convince new partners to support biodiversity with APIDAE.

Tanguy – President – APIDAE

Charles is one of the most creative and enthusiastic sales experts I know. I've worked with him on several campaigns. He helped us set up hyper-personalized sales campaigns, reach hundreds of prospects and ultimately get qualified sales appointments. In addition, he also advised us on refining our sales process, which was very helpful for the entire sales department. I highly recommend his skills and services to all startups and SMEs who want to move quickly to the next level.

Raphael - Head of Business Development & Marketing - CareerLunch

We really appreciated devlo's diligence, clear communication and dedication. Out of 285 prospects, we received 200 responses, over 70%.

One of our challenges was to improve our prospecting methods. With devlo, we refined our targeting and approach with lemlist. We also identified two types of Ideal Customer Profiles, private and public educational establishments. We contacted both and validated the ICP that was most receptive to our offer.

Xavier Leuthold - Founder - Many Ways SA

Why team up together

Innovative digital approach
We work with several digital tools synchronised together. These tools are the most powerful and innovative solutions available on the market.
Successful approach

Hundreds of outbound campaigns have been tested and validated by us in the past. We're constantly adapting to new scenarios (regions, industries, target profiles, etc.).

Experts in this field

We are experts and passionate about B2B sales development and outbound methods. We've developed many best practices over the years to reach our customers' prospects in an intelligent and engaging way.

Communication between you and us
We are continuously in contact with you. We keep you informed of the evolution of your prospecting campaigns.
Our agility
We are able to question ourselves, challenge ourselves, iterate to the environment and change our operating mode if necessary.
We promote a culture of performance by setting goals and delivering results. A satisfied customer is a long-term partner.

Multiple monthly packages available.

Choose based on the number of prospects you want to meet. And the tip of the iceberg you want to explore.


What is a prospect/lead?
A prospect (or a lead) is a potential client.
What is a multi-channel prospecting campaign?
A multichannel cold outreach is a sequence of touches by email, phone call and LinkedIn to contact your leads. Using this approach, you increase your chances to reach your leads, and stand out from your competitors.
Why is b2b sales prospecting a good approach?
It's the most economical, reproducible and quickest way to make direct contact with potential customers. What's more, you'll be able to target precisely who you're approaching.
What do you guarantee?
Before launching your campaign, you validate the lead generation. So you know precisely who we're going to contact. You also validate your prospecting sequence, so you know what your prospects will receive. In this way, we limit uncertainty and maximize our chances of receiving positive responses. 
Is this investment worth it?
Depending on the amount of your average contract, a single sale should allow you to cover this investment. Moreover, you can also see this prospecting campaign as a communication campaign where a large number of potential clients will discover your offer, and will contact you in the medium and long term.
Why choose devlo?
Since 2020, our business development agency has helped dozens of different clients. We specialize in lead generation, outreach (aka prospection) and lead qualification in the B2B space. Our conversion rates are well above average, and our clients appreciate the high quality of our services.
No problem, we'll support you from A to Z as you set up your first campaign. All you have to do is open your calendar to find scheduled appointments with your qualified prospects.

Continuous sales outreach and meeting scheduling in your agenda

We team up with you over the long term in order to promote your know-how, increase your sales and sustain your organization.

Let's meet to prospect for your future clients?

Free and commitment-free
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