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Jurica Karlo

Investing in the Academy for B2B lead generation and booking qualified meetings was among the best decisions I’ve made as a sales leader. The results speak for themselves – I’ve been able to book 10x more qualified meetings with potential customers since implementing the strategies I learned in the Academy.

The investment has paid off in terms of increased revenue and has given me a competitive edge in the market. I can confidently pitch our product and services to prospects, knowing that I have a solid system in place for generating leads and booking effective meetings.

For any B2B sales leader looking to up their game and stay ahead of the competition, I highly recommend the Academy. The ROI is simply too good to pass up, and you’ll definitely experience FOMO if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity.

Jurica Karlo Welina – Business Development Manager – InsiderCX

Maxime Dumont

I recently took an online course on generating B2B leads and booking qualified meetings with potential customers, and it was a game-changer for me as a sales leader. The course provided me with practical techniques and strategies that I could immediately apply to my sales process.

One thing that I really appreciated about the course was how down-to-earth and easy to understand the content was. It wasn’t filled with complex jargon or unrealistic scenarios. Instead, the course was focused on providing real-world examples and actionable steps that I could take to improve my lead generation and meeting booking skills.

Since taking the course, I’ve seen a significant increase in the number of qualified meetings I’ve been able to book with potential customers. And not only that, but the meetings have been much more productive and effective in moving prospects through the sales funnel.

I highly recommend this course to any B2B sales leader looking to improve their lead generation and meeting booking skills.

Maxime Dumont – Mind-shift activator- Mind-shifters

Fabio Oliva

Successfully completed the devlo Academy. It covers everything needed to implement fully automated outbound campaigns to promote our services. Blown away by the knowledge & guidelines provided, and I learned a lot from the in-depth tutorials and case studies.

Our team was able to save a lot of time/money by leveraging the strategies and tools presented in the Academy. I now have a system in place that allows us to reach out to many prospects without needing to hire additional staff or spend hours manually sending emails.

Overall, I highly recommend this Academy. The ROI is undeniable, and the knowledge and guidance are invaluable.

Fabio Oliva –  Founder – Workflowed

What you will learn

What's included

Video tutorials

Transform your B2B business development through 50 tutorials. 2,5 hours of videos to discover all the steps from A to Z and be autonomous.

dedicated platform

Follow your training on our dedicated platform, accessible at all times. From your web browser, the OS app on your Mac, iOS on your iPhone, or from your Android. 


Access all ready-to-use resources, including email permutator, scripts for cold calls, Excel/Google sheet script, sequence templates, sample responses, and more.

New releases

Stay up-to-date with new methods, trends and tools. Your lifetime access.


Find answers to your questions from our experts. Each chapter has its own discussion thread where you can ask your questions, validate the leads at your disposal and make the best decision.


Meet other Academy members. Together, we form a community that helps each other plan more qualified appointments.

Case studies

Discover several case studies inspired by the prospecting campaigns managed by our agency. Our customers operate in sectors such as cybersecurity, HR, sustainable development, merchandising, video production, real estate and L&D.

Premium webinars

Take part in weekly webinars where community members exchange case studies to fine-tune their lead generation, sequences and campaigns.

Join the most actionable and engaging Academy.

Let's go through your needs and goals. And let's plan together how this Academy can help you achieve them

Accelerate your sales development.

You will be guided step by step to cold outreach your leads by emails, phone calls and LinkedIn messages
Results that speak for themselves

% open rate

% reply rate

Meetings Booked

positive replies (from clients)


What are the tools presented and their cost?
There are hundreds of tools on the market. Through this training, you learn how to precisely use the solutions that bring the most results, including Sales Navigator ($100/m), lemlist ($100/m), Phantombuster ($30/m), HubSpot (0$), and Bouncer ($30 for 5000 credits), Excel/Google sheet.
What is a multi-channel prospecting campaign?
A multichannel cold outreach is a sequence of touches by email, phone call and LinkedIn to contact your leads. Using this approach, you increase your chances to reach your leads, and stand out from your competitors.
Why is b2b sales prospecting a good approach?
It's the most economical, reproducible and quickest way to make direct contact with potential customers. What's more, you'll be able to target your prospects precisely.
Who is this Academy for?
To anyone who sells products or services to other businesses. If you are a Sales Development Representative, Business Development Representative, business developer, agency director, entrepreneur, and you want to meet more qualified B2B prospects, you will be amazed.
Is this investment worth it?
You'll boost your business and cover your investment in just one sale. What's more, you'll deepen your knowledge and skills in B2B sales prospecting. You'll improve your conversion rates: open rate, click rate, response rate and number of qualified leads.
Why choose the devlo Academy?
Since 2020, our business development agency has helped dozens of different customers. We specialize in lead generation, canvassing and B2B lead qualification. This Academy is the culmination of countless hours of research, brainstorming and iterating new ideas.
No problem, you will discover all the necessary steps to set up your own commercial prospecting campaigns.

Take a step-by-step tour of our tried-and-tested, ultra-complete methodology.

If you are an SDR, BDR, business developer, agency manager, or entrepreneur, and you want to meet more qualified B2B prospects, take advantage of our

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Simply register your email address and get immediate access to the first chapter of the Academy.


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